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We are actively soliciting volunteers to review student presentations at this year's meeting. The deadline to sign up is Monday, 10 October.
Become a Judge

Awards are given to the Best Student Platform Presentation and Best Student Poster Presentation at SETAC North America annual meetings. In order to qualify, the first author of the presentation must be a current SETAC student member. The results must be of research conducted by the author as a student, while still a student.

The Student Presentations Subcommittee of the SETAC North America Awards and Fellowships Committee and additional reviewers will judge the poster and platform papers. For each category, there will be a first, second and third place for:

  • Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. Best Student Presentation
  • Best Student Presentation for Masters
  • Best Student Presentation for Undergraduate

Presentations will be judged using a numerical system. As a result of the sponsorship of this award, funds are available for cash awards that will be mailed out after the annual meeting.

The abstract transmittal form for the annual meeting provides directions for the author to indicate his or her desire to participate in this competition.

The SETAC Pensacola office will notify recipients of these awards after the SETAC North America annual meeting. For additional information, please contact Laura Swanson at the SETAC North America Office.

2015 Platform Award Winners

Name Affiliation Category Place
David Dreier University of Florida Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 1st
Alicea Clendaniel Oregon State University Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 2nd
Jessica Morrison Oklahoma State University Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 2nd
Hilda Fadaei Khoei University of Maryland Baltimore Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 2nd
Liz Ashby University of Ottawa Masters 1st
Rene S. Shahmohamadloo University of Guelph Masters 2nd
Hunter Schroer University of Iowa Masters 3rd
Nicholas Cipoletti University of St. Thomas Undergraduate 1st

2015 Poster Award Winners

Name Affiliation Category Place
Theresa Cantu Medical University of South Carolina Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 1st
Tyler Pollock McMaster University Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 2nd
Ronja Windfeld Roskilde University Foster (Sonny) Mayer Ph.D. 3rd
Lauren Stoczynski Clemson University Masters 1st
Jelena Ivanova University of Guelph Masters 2nd
Erin Maloney University of Saskatchewan Masters 3rd
Annie Krueger University of Wyoming Undergraduate 1st
Bryanna Eisner University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate 2nd
 Jeremy Gauthier  Memorial University of Newfoundland Undergraduate 2nd
 Cassandra Clark  University of St. Thomas Undergraduate 3rd